Here at PalmState Consulting, one of our key values is giving back. We believe in giving back to our community and giving opportunities to our staff. We conduct charities monthly for a variety of organizations and secure our advancement opportunities to those who have been trained internally. Promoting from within allows our culture to strengthen on a daily basis as management can fully invest its time and attention into the lower levels of our business model. PalmState makes its goals clear to its team from day one, allowing them to work to attain an environment which allows for both individual and team success.

The people of Columbia welcomed PalmState Consulting into their hospitable community without hesitancy. To return the courtesy, PalmState has already launched a series of charities and hopes to double their community involvement in 2018. In the words of PalmState’s Director, Andrew Barger, “Giving back doesn’t stop after you leave work. It’s not a choice, it’s a lifestyle.”

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At PalmState, we chose a unique approach to marketing to insure that we could get the best return from our efforts. Indirect forms of marketing have continually become less effective in recent years. With millennial’s now dominating America’s consumer population; they have shown an increasingly greater response to more direct forms of marketing. At PalmState, we choose to work face-to-face for our clients to insure that a positive relationship is built between the client and their consumers. What makes this technique even more rewarding is that PalmState has secured contracts with some of the world’s largest vendor locations, allowing them to utilize consistent consumer platforms to deliver outstanding client results on a daily basis! We are the best at what we do because we put the time into our staff to develop them the fully, assuring their success and advancement.


At PalmState, we do not only take pride in the accomplishments that we have already made, but also in our community. Being such a fresh addition to Columbia, the team at PalmState is excited to get to work with their clients in a vibrant, upcoming atmosphere. Surrounded by centuries of history and some of the best dining experiences on the East Coast, there is little that Columbia does not have to offer. According to Forbes, Columbia ranks 86 out of 200 cities as one of the best places for business and careers and with the nickname the "Capital of Southern Hospitality", there’s no question why PalmState chose Columbia, who wouldn’t?

PalmState Consulting is growing!